Attention Parents – MILES the Talking Timer

MILES the Talking TimerIntroducing MILES the Talking Timer!

MILES the Talking Timer is an iOS App designed to assist parents and carers to motivate their children. To use MILES, the parent (or child) sets a timer for a task eg. 15 minutes. MILES will slowly, audibly, count down from 10 over the course of 15 minutes. Set different timer durations for different tasks.  MILES has different voices and speaks different languages.   The children are gently reminded by MILES throughout the timer duration to stay on task by his steady counting.  The app utilises the well established “Beat the Buzzer” method to motivate the children. Read more about the science of Beat the Buzzer on the Raising Children website.Something a little different from Lock and Code.

Use MILES with one child or with 20.   Create profiles for each child and add their photograph.  Create a different preset timer for each activity your children struggle with.  Rewards (stars) are issued to the children who finish before time runs out.  Treat your children with real life rewards after reaching reward milestones with MILES.  eg. 20 stars equals 20 minutes extra play time.

If your children does everything they are told in a timely manner then we take our hats off to you!  For everyone else, there’s MILES.

Available on the App Store