Quick Reference Guide – Revision 2.0

Lock and Code is proud to announce the release of the Computer Forensic Examiner Quick Reference Guide Revision 2.0.

Special thanks goes to contributing author Terry Olson of Nebraska State Patrol.  Terry has contributed many, many hours of research, testing and development over the past 12 months to take this product to the next level.  Thank you Terry.

The CF Quick Reference Guide is a high quality, pocket sized (C6), ring bound booklet with laminated pages.  The content consists primarily of charts showing the breakdown of various data structures which are commonly referenced by Computer Forensics specialists.

The CF Quick Reference Guide Revision 1.0 was first released in April 2011 and was distributed to staff and students at IACIS training events during 2011 and has been available for sale at lockandcode.com since July 2011.  The CF Quick Reference Guide Revision 2.0 made it’s debut at the IACIS Orlando training event in April 2012 and will also be distributed to IACIS staff and students in 2012.   Lock and Code would like to thank IACIS for it’s continued support of the CF Quick Reference Guide.


CF Quick Reference Guide Revision 2.0 includes:

  • Partition Schemes
    • Master Boot Record (MBR)
    • GUID Partition Tables (GPT)
  • NTFS
    • Volume Boot Sector
    • Metafiles
    • FILE record
    • Attribute Types
      • Standard Information Attribute
      • File Name Attribute
      • Data Attribute
      • Index Root
      • Index Allocation
    • INDX Record
    • Index Node
  • FAT
    • FAT12/16 Volume Boot Record
    • FAT32 Volume Boot Record
    • FAT Directory Entries
    • exFAT Volume Boot Record
    • exFAT Records
  • HFS+
    • Volume Header
    • Catalog File/Folder Record
  • EXT2/3/4
    • Super Block
    • Inode
  • Windows Registry
    • Hive Locations
    • Hive Structures
    • Key Record
    • Value Record
  • Internet Explorer (INDEX.DAT)
    • File Locations
    • Header
    • URL Record
  • Recycle Bins
    • INFO2 Format
    • $I/$R Format
  • Event Logs (.evt)
    • Header Record
    • EOF Record
    • Event Record
  • Prefetch
    • Header and layout
  • File Signatures
  • ASCII Chart
  • IACIS Evidence Seizure Triage Flowchart


A sample of the booklet content is available for preview: CF Quick Reference Guide 2.0 Sample

The retail price per CF Quick Reference Guide booklet is AUD$24 excluding GST + shipping (Goods and Services Tax does not apply to customers outside of Australia).

CF Quick Reference Guide purchases can be made from the products page: Lock and Code – Products.

Bulk order pricing and custom branding of the CF Quick Reference Guide is available for conferences and training events.  Please direct inquiries to quickref@lockandcode.com.