CF Quick Reference Guide – iOS App

CF Quick Reference GuideFollowing the popularity of the Computer Forensic Examiner – Quick Reference Guide Booklet, Lock and Code is proud to offer an iOS application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch so your favourite reference material can be at your fingertips at all times.

The CF Quick Reference Guide iOS App is free to download from the iTunes App Store and contains the content of the Revision 1.1 booklet.  The latest booklet content is available from inside the app itself, via an inexpensive In-App purchase.

The CF Quick Reference Guide iOS App boasts an easy viewing interface with a table of contents, page thumbnails, elegant zooming, optional horizontal orientation and crystal clear rendering.  Even on the smallest screens, this app is a pleasure to use and is easy to read.  The optional facility to disable the iOS auto-lock mechanism ensures your device stays awake until you are done.

Topics Included

  • NTFS / FAT / exFAT
  • HFS Plus
  • EXT 2/3/4
  • Windows Registry
  • Internet Explorer
  • * Recycle Bin
  • * Event Logs
  • * Prefetch
  • * File Signatures
  • ASCII Chart
  • First Responder Flowchart
* Available via In-App purchase


The CF Quick Reference Guide iOS app is only available from the iTunes App Store. Download your copy today.

Available on the App Store