Windows RT Acquisition Tools

Windows RT AcquisitionThe Windows RT Acquisition Tools facilitate disk and/or volume acquisition of Windows RT devices such as the Microsoft Surface RT.

Traditional tools will not execute on devices running Windows RT as the tools need to be compiled specifically for the ARM architecture and also signed by Microsoft.

The Windows RT Acquisition Tools consist of several Windows RT (ARM) binaries and several batch files.  The below Jail Break, when applied to a device running Windows RT, will allow the acquisition tools to execute, despite not being signed by Microsoft.

For detailed instructions on the usage of these tools, download the PDF guide below along with the Windows RT Acquisition Tools.




Acquisition Tools v1.00
Acquisition Tools v1.00
Version: 1.00
1.4 MiB


  • Windows RT Support
  • Physical Acquisition
  • Logical Acquisition
  • Live System Info Capture
  • E01 Support


Icon of Windows Binaries Windows Binaries

Acquisition Tools v1.00 (1.4 MiB)

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Acquisition of Windows RT (974.4 KiB)