Data Interpreter – iOS App

Data InterpreterHave you ever sat staring at several bytes in hexadecimal and wondered what they might represent? If not, then congratulations as you are probably not a nerd.  For the rest of us however, there is Data Interpreter.

Designed specifically for those in the field of computer forensics, incident response or software development, Data Interpreter is the fastest way to identify that mystery string of bytes.

Simply enter the byte string via the hexadecimal keypad provided and click interpret.  Based on the number of bytes entered, data interpret will run your bytes against each of it’s inbuilt interpreters, in both literal and reverse byte order (little endian / big endian) saving you valuable time.  Data Interpreter will then produce a list of possible values which the user can use to make an informed decision as to the nature of the bytes entered.

Data Interpreter is free to download from the iOS App Store and comes with a healthy set of interpreters.  Additional interpreters, are available as an inexpensive In-App purchase.



  • Integers
  • Floating Points
  • Binary
  • Dates and Times
  • Flags




The Data Interpreter iOS app is only available from the iTunes App Store. Download your copy today. Available on the App Store